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Palomares-Starbuck & Associates

"Miami's Leading Legal Team"


Palomares-Starbuck & Associates

"Miami's Leading Legal Team"



Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck, Esq.


2003 - Thomas Jefferson University, School of Law / LLM Taxation & Financial Services

2002 - Saint Thomas University, School of Law / LLM International Law & Taxation

1998 - Northwestern California University, School of Law / Juris Doctor

1988 - Western States University / Master in Business Administration

1987 - Western States University / Bachelor in Business Administration

Bar Licenses

#213648 - State Bar of California / #218017 USDC-PR / #PL0254 - United States Tax Court

#503044 - District of Columbia State Bar / #675177 - State Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

#80642 - First Circuit Court of Appeals / #21643CA - USDC Northern District of Texas

#503044 - Northern District of Illinois / #100785 - The Florida Bar / #LP3044 - USDC Northern Dist. of Illinois


The United States Supreme Court / The Supreme Court of The State of California

All of State of California Courts / The Supreme Court of Florida / The Florida Bar

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court / All State Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Ret)

USDC Central District of California / USDC of Puerto Rico (Ret) / USDC of International Trade

US Tax Court / USDC Northern District of Texas / USDC Northern District of Illinois

US Court of Appeals 11th, 9th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Federal Circuit / American Bar Assoc. # 66399884

National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers / Assoc. of Trial Lawyers of America #0221580

Federal Bar Association / Los Angeles County Bar Association / San Fernando Valley Bar Assoc.

Cuban American Bar Association

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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Government Relations

International Law

Corporate and Tax

Restructuring and Finance

Labor Law


Real Estate M&A

Appellate Practice

Criminal Defense

Trial Practice

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Published Cases

Published Cases

Diagnostic Imaging Supplies & Servs., Inc. v. GE, 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 50792 (D. P. R. July 24, 2006);

United States v. Lamas, 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 50791 (CD P.R. Julv 24. 2006);

Quiles-Rivera v. Marrero-Figarella. 2007 Us. Dis!. LEXIS 20204 (CD. P.R. Mar. 21. 2007);

United States ex rei. Andrews Marine Servo V. United Sur. & Indem. Co.. 2006 Us. Dist. LEXlS 41682 (D.P.R. June 20. 2006);

Disabled Americans for Equal Access. Inc. V. Compra Hosp. Pavia, Inc.. 2004 Us. Dist. LEXIS 30919 {D.P.R. Aug. 27. 2004);

United States v. Burgos-Montes. 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 79962 (D.P.R. Nov. I, 2006) ;

United States v. Cruz-Carrillo. 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 23019 (CD. P. R. Apr. 24, 2006);

United States v. Segarra-Rivera. 2005 Us. Dist. LEXIS 44699 (CD.P.R. Mar. 4. 2005);

United States v. Marrero-Cruz. 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 81151 (CD.P.R. Nov. 3. 2006):

United States v. Marrero-Cruz. 2006 Us. Dist. LEXIS 21810 (CD.P.R. Apr. 11. 2006):

United States v. $21.510 in United States Currency. 144 Fed. Appx. 888 (CD P.R. 2005).'

Disabled Americans for Equal Access. Inc. v. Ferries del Caribe, Inc.. 405 F3d 60 (1st Cir. P.R. 2005);

Hernandez v. United States, 350 F Supp. 2d 340 (CD.P.R. 2004):

Hernandez v. United States. 2004 Us. Dist. LEXIS 14567 (CD.P.R. June 29. 2004);

MD. Moody & Sons. Inc. v. Dockside Marine Contrs.. Inc.. 2007 Us. Dist. LEXIS 373 (D.P.R. Jan. 4, 2007);

United States v. Lazu-Rivera, 363 F Supp. 2d 30 (CD. P.R. 2005);

United States v. Ortiz. 2007 Us. Dis!. LEXIS 84126 (CMD. Fla. Nov. 14.2007),'

United States v. Ortiz-Mejias. 2007 Us. Dist. LEXIS 84107 (MD. Fla. Nov. 1. 2007):

United States v. Ramos. 130 Fed. Appx. 415 (11th Or. Fla. 2005);

United States v. Bristol-Martir, 570 F.3d 29  

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- August 2016 -

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